A history of
Katikati Twilight Concerts

It all began in 1995…

In 1995 Katikati residents, Rosalie Smith, Lindy Bryant and Sue Yortt got together and formed a committee to set up garden rambles. For two years they were very successful and provided funds which went towards the upkeep of the Katikati Murals.

However, they felt they could do more, so asked Moira James to join in and help them organise concerts in the gardens, thus appealing to more people.

The first concert, in December 1997, was Carols by Candlelight held in Sue Yortt’s garden in Pukekura Road. Approximately one hundred people attended – a great success. 


From there the story grew, with local artists appearing in some of the beautiful private gardens here in the Western Bay of Plenty.

These days the attendance has grown from anything between 800 to 2,200 people depending on the venue and the popularity of the performers.

Our largest concert was held in 2009 at the Haiku Reserve, with a Buddy Holly Tribute performed by Chet O’Connell and his band.

Approximately 2,200 people attended that day, which was wonderfully warm and sunny. 


Unfortunately, sometimes it does rain. Over the years we have had the odd postponement or cancellation but we have still managed to deliver, with a wonderful Anna Hawkins concert being put into the Memorial Hall at very short notice, and a re-staging of the ever-popular Shane Cortese and the Class of ’58 Band deemed one of our most successful concerts ever. 


Our star turn names may have got bigger along with the audiences, but we still showcase local-up-and-coming talent in each of our various concerts.

We are a non-funded voluntary organisation – and yes, all volunteers are welcome!

All our concerts are held outdoors with a family picnic atmosphere between 6:00pm and 8:30pm on Saturday evenings in January and February. 

Supporting our community

We are a charitable, non-profit making, non-commercial enterprise with our proceeds now going towards: 


These are open to anyone in the Katikati area, supporting study at university or further education in the arts field: Music, Art, Drama, Photography, Dance and Film & Stage Production.

Community arts

Money raised by our concert series goes towards community projects: arts scholarships for young people and funding for community artistic endeavours.

We support Open Air Art, which fosters Katikati’s role as an outdoor art gallery, encompassing murals, sculptures, carvings and weaving, the Haiku pathway, Katikati Theatre, Katikati Art Group, the Katikati Concert Band and other arts organisations.

We welcome grants applications from local arts groups.


Without our volunteers there would be no Twilight Concerts.

We have a wonderful band of men and women: accountants, farmers, electricians, lifestylers, retirees, horticulturalists, teachers, bus drivers: you name it, we have them!

However, over the years some people drop out for various reasons, so we are always on the lookout for additional helpers.

We welcome your help: we depend upon volunteers. If you are able to help us in any way, please get in touch.